Once and a while we get a note that really touches us and makes us realize that what we have built here truly has meaning outside of just racing.  Here are some notes that we have gotten:

I just wanted to personally thank you for running these races and live streaming them. I have a rare form of Ovarian Cancer. Our form (GCT) makes up only 1-5% of all OC. They tell us when we're diagnosed that this is the best kind to have (is cancer ever good?) because our life expectancy is better than the majority of women facing OC. Most women with OC die within 2 years of being diagnosed and roughly 14,000 women die every year from OC. Many of us live longer, thankfully. Unfortunately, it recurs often and is terminal. I'm Stage 4 and in my 7th recurrence as of last month. I've been fighting for 11 years now and the chemo has stopped working. But God's been faithful and I'm holding out for another 11 years until my 4 kids are out of high school. My point in writing you isn't for pity or sympathy. It's simply a thank you for giving our ladies a voice. Many of us love racing and it thrilled us to see our fight on a car last night. As the mom of #85, I was so thrilled and happy to see Peyton race (much to his embarrassment LOL). Racing is his life (and dream) and he's only been on iRacing for a few months. So, his performance last night was great in my book. I tried racing the track yesterday and it kicked my toosh. LOL To watch a 14 yr old handle it so well without wrecking is a feat that this 43 yr old couldn't pull off. LOL Thank you for all that you do. Your commentating was great and entertaining. I look forward to watching more races and perhaps racing with you myself when I get up the courage. Thank you for giving this proud mama another memory to last until my own race here is done. I know there will be more memories, but the first always shines the brightest. Many blessings to you and yours... Sincerely, Lara Johnson Goins (Archdale NC)